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DESKA and LENA KRIS join for a special collection.

„We believe the key to sustainability is mindfulness, attention to detail and love for to the individual object. As individual consumers, the best we can do for our planet is to use the things we own for longer, or enable them a second life. An object/ piece of jewellery with a story, with reference to the history of its creation, is valued and usually worn a lot and for a long time“

Together we create a collection of unique earrings, enabling a new life for your old materials which otherwise you would have no use for any longer. We want to take the challenge to combine our knowhow and creative passion to create something special.

Here is where we need you:

Starting from Monday 7th of June until end of June, we gratefully invite you to drop off your donations of old pearls and beads of any material at Atelier Lena Kris (Opening hours in Bio).

The finished creations will be on view and available for sale at Atelier Lena Kris.

Vernissage: 15th July

If you have any questions feel free to dm us :)

Lots of Love,
Kristina & Lena

Graphic Design @mitch_chinaski
Photos: @deska.deska, @mariaritsch_
Models: @frankhonesty, @sofieroyer

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