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Atelier Lena Kris

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Handmade Jewelry Collection
Haidgasse 5/7, 1020 — Vienna

Jewellery as a traditional means of adornment becomes part of our physical appearance, and therefore a medium to explore and express our identity. Lena uses jewellery to create a symbiotic relationship between the body and its environment. Lena started her education in classical goldsmithing techniques in Vienna at the Wiener Goldschmiedeakademie and completed her apprenticeship examination as a Jeweler in 2010.

Lena then moved to Florence, Italy, where she studied at the renowed school ALCHIMIA (contemporary school of jewellery and design) to receive her BFA in 2013. Thus, she completed her MFA studies in Metals in May 2015 at the State University of New York in New Paltz. Since 2016 Lena was teaching Gold-and Silversmithing techniques at the Wieder Goldschmiedelehrgang. Her unique designs and conceptual approach in jewellery have been awarded with the prestigious ›Eligius Award 2016‹.

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